Craft Platforms: Case studies 小郁竹艺-Xiaoyu bamboo art


Expert Wei - a bamboo artist in Xiaoyu bamboo art


  • Uses social media: Wechat, Tiktok
  • Film short video on Wechat and Tiktok
  • Mobile phone plays an important role in his craft such as recording videos
  • He has started creating a 
  • He opened a public account on wechat, through which other people canq follow it and learn the latest news of the studio.
  • 使用的社交媒体:微信,抖音。
  • 在微信和抖音平台上上传短视频。
  • 智能手机在他的手工艺宣传上起到很大作用,比如拍视频等等。
  • 他目前在尝试创建一个网站。
  • 他在微信开通了一个公众号其他人可以通过关注公众号了解到工作室的最新消息。


Figure 1: Xiaoyu bamboo art

“Xiaoyu bamboo art” originated in Tang and Song Dynasties, and has a history of more than 1000 years. Its main principle is to heat the bamboo by fire, so that the bamboo can be softened and then bent.There are many bamboo resources in Yiyang, so we use bamboo to create art products. Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guangdong, Guangxi and other provinces all have this skill, but now we are the only one here to stick to this oldest technology, and other places have changed.

Expert Wei has been a bamboo artist for over 27 years,he  and his student have two studio, Training Studio and Production Studio. The training base is mainly used for:

  • Research and development of new products, small batch production;
  • Training for Chinese and foreign students: people from poorer countries;
  • Traveling experience of primary and secondary school students:;
  • Folk tourism

The Production Studio is used processing products.





  • 新产品的研发、小批量的生产;
  • 中外学员的培训:比较穷的国家的人做 ;
  • 中小学生的游学体验:;
  • 民俗旅游。



Use of Social Media

  • He propagandize mainly through WeChat and Tiktok.



    At present, the main sales channel is through the exhibition and Wechat. Every time he uploads pictures of products, they are sold immediately every time. There is a student who is responsible for helping expert Wei to make the website and improve Tiktok channel. At present, they are making videos by themselves, and there is no professional team.


Figure 2: wechat news

Figure 3: Bamboo vase

Expert Wei develops many new products from time to time. Figure 3 is a flower arrangement vase developed by his studio, which has won the favor of many customers who like illustration.


Figure 4: Tiktok news




Figure 6 (left) is a small video of Li Yan Studio’s entry into the Hunan Provincial Museum.

Figure 6 (middle) is to participate in public welfare activities to deliver love materials for children with cerebral palsy.

Figure 6 (right) shows the process of participating in the “Daxiu China-Journey of Embroidery”.

The challenges of applying digital platforms in Bridget’s craft activities

They don’t know too much about digital technology and don’t have professionals of promotion and marketing



  • He has many years of experience in bamboo production. At present, he has two studios, Training Studio and Production Studio. But his propaganda channels are still limited, mainly relying on wechat and tiktok. He and his students are currently trying to build their own website.

    Last year, he started to realize the innovation of processing technology and bought some production machines, but some processes still need manual production.





Please visit the following site to know more about Wei:  

Wechat: wxid_khl1suiylvhv21

Tiktok: yyxyzy

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